Alison Leaf is an artist and computer animator. She grew up in Yorkshire, has lived in England, Wales, Scotland, Australia and is currently resident in California. She has a Masters degree in Fine Art and a Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Imaging. She has worked extensively in the independent sector, producing short films for television and teaching animation in schools and colleges. She has also worked on award winning films and commercials in London and Sydney and in 2001 moved to the Bay area to work as a character animator at ILM. She is currently working at Pixar.

“Poetry is my rooting system. It holds me in place and helps me absorb the cultural and spiritual nutrients I need for growth, development and repair. The deeper and wider the roots explore, the more fruitful my thoughts and ideas become and the greater my facility for connecting with others.”

Alison has poems published online @ Poetry Super Highway


One Response to “Alison”

  1. Well I never, Alison Leaf! Went to Cardiff too, the year above you. Just making contact with Jeff Hocking again on FaceBook. How the hell are you? Looks like things are going well for you. Me, I’m a photographer [and part time web designer] nowadays, find me at Good to see you!
    Carol [McDonnell] [aka Blue these days]

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