My poetry originally came from my journalling. Thoughts and feeling about my life, what I feel – the same old s*#! that we all do. Now, I find that I write stories in poetic form, stories that hopefully paint a picture. Sometimes I see the lines of a body, the movement of the earth or a gesture of a child and I find myself wishing I were an artist. So instead of drawing I remember and express what I see. At times it feel very satisfying and at times it just is. I guess those who express themselves through art feel the same way….

Anyway, I am open for feedback and comments, so feel free to do so.

To my family and friends this is my gift…enjoy!




3 Responses to “André”

  1. need poems from this poet.

  2. There are 5 poems by Andre on pages beneath the poets name on the right.

  3. I really enjoy how Andre can take a very personal experience and give it the texture and meaning that elevates it from a seemingly ordinary ( sometimes extrodinary) human situation into one that offers a path of light to see our universal spiritual connection.. Rich and priceless

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