Leaving the Enlightened Master at Home

Leaving the Enlightened Master at Home

I am rounding a left towards fifty
So I have no more patience
For a profiling, bottle-fed phobic
Who questions his sexuality while holding
His hand on his gun.

I’ve seen eyes and souls like this before
Hiding behind flashing blue and red lights
Angry at their life and wife for passing them by.
License, registration? Are you kidding?
This is a new car
“Yes it is mine
and I do not care if you have
had a stolen car report
on someone who fits my description,
and no I am not getting out of my car ”

Making eye contact that is neither threatening nor fearful,
I sigh,
“Do you know how many times I have heard this?”

As he backs away
his intuition warns him that this
upstanding Black citizen who just happens to be
dressed in an old night shirt, braided hair down
in need of some 1:00am Hagen das,
could easily disarm him and
make him pay for this mistake
that he now admits to.

“Sir, there is no need to be upset.”
Realizing that the closest back-up
could not possibly make it here in time.

“Don’t pull me over again
unless there is a valid reason.”
I am really tired of this happening
in my own neighborhood.

We both know why you pulled me over
Neither one of us wants this to happen again.

Silence,  then looking at his watch…..
Yes sir.. Good night sir.

It’s now 1:45am and I am one day closer to 50
I do not want the second half of my life to be hassled
Every time I need to make a late night dessert run.

Maybe I should bring the Enlightened Master next time.


One Response to “Leaving the Enlightened Master at Home”

  1. Cutting straight through the BS beautifully clear… Maybe you did bring the Enlightened Master ..after all .. he was just in cognito

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