Perfect Moment #1


Perfect Moment #1

All I could do was smile
realizing that this was a special, no
more than special – it was a
Perfect Moment.

The gutter popsicle boat race
was over.
We had just robbed the
Helms Donut Man,

or at least we thought we did.

(Looking back his chase
was not meant to catch us
for his smile gave him away.)

We ran in circles, through and around
our familiar passages, alleys and
streets, finally climbing over
into my aunts back yard.

Shane got his cuff caught
on the fence, hung upside-down
shouting obscenities through
tears and laughter.
Todd dropped his donut on Tim’s
head and in an effort to wipe the
jelly off he backed into me
and fell into a puddle of
last nights rain.

That’s when it happened . . .

Right in the middle of
side splitting laughter;
the sound of the earth changed
so that everything was heard
at the same time;
the sun opened so there were no shadows;
the wind became directionless
and held the leaves in slow motion.

“This is what it is like to be awake”
an old voice said as

distance and separation

Something real came
upon us that we only
knew as forever.

I felt old – and I knew

that our bodies had changed
so that we could process
this eternal ecstasy,

and hold the love
we felt for each other,

the earth,

this time

this most Perfect Moment.


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