Talking about our son

Talking about our son

My first realization was
that I kept my breath
when she walked in.

We got together
to see who had
been damaged the most.

She with her regret
in her top hip pocket.
Me with my hurt
hiding in my hands
behind my back.

Two conversations…
hard to listen to the
one with words.

Our son is on the topic table
Love is easy to share here

Selfless when we look in his eyes
Looking down and to the left
when her eyes meet mine.

All of it was not a lie
moments of true intimacy,
connection and laughter

Seen now only
through worn, edged videos

Parting was a surprise
to see I pricked my
chest on a thorn.

Once again going in
different directions

Fortune shining on us
with two separate sun lights

My rising

hers setting


One Response to “Talking about our son”

  1. At first I wanted to know more details of the relationship between the parents .. after the poem settled in I realized I really didnt need to know more to understand the essence of the experience .. the common bond is their son .. the hurts and seperation and moving in different directions;” fortune shining on us with two different sunlights” does not take away from that which will always be their comon bond .. loving their son .. “the bitter sweetness to realize that not all was a lie; moments of true intimacy and connection and laughter” evidenced through their son . I hope I got the essence yet again the beauty of a poem is in the eye of the beholder.. so many meanings can unfold.

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