A Fall from Grace

A Fall from Grace

A rolling plush lawn
sides perfectly manicured
every blade tall and healthy
provided the perfect backdrop

A colorific smattering
of ever changing perennials
from pink chiffon to peach raspberry
stretched across the entire yard

Late each afternoon
you’d find him hard at work
his weather battered shovel
swaying like a pendulum
climbing up and crashing down
his body speckled with the flying earth

Pride of ownership was apparent
to all passers by

Today a different scene lies before us

Scraggly weeds thrive
where bounteous gardens once bloomed
An oasis of greenery
wilting in the shadows of disgrace

At every entrance
potential visitors are warned
Keep Out
A rotation of faded “for sale” signs
adorn the once coveted lawn

Any sliver of sunlight is devoured
by the layers of dirt
that cloud the windows
chip away at the paint

Prospective buyers enter the premises warily
departing hastily
fleeing the stench of hopelessness and misery
that freely roams the home

And thus it remains
To some,
just a number,
another faceless statistic

But to me it was a neighbor,
a kind person,
another hapless victim
of mankind’s selfishness
and unending thirst for greed


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