All that Remains

All that Remains

A thick coating of cornflower blue
is spread across the heavens
heralding in an unseasonable warmth.

Hastening the end for
the white washed snowman,
causing him to collapse further,
widening the murky trail of liquid
that weaves its way
along the softening ground.

Just a few days before
so many little hands
devoid of cumbersome mittens
worked feverishly to sculpt
each of his diminishing layers.

After wards they pushed and shoved,
vying for the most desirous position
besides his icy bulk,
every face smiling gleefully
on the count of three.
But how quickly they forget
as they race past his distorted frame
rejoicing in the golden rays
wallowing in the summery tease.

One day he may be remembered,
in a moment of nostalgia,
when that stack of dusty old albums
is pulled down from a shelf.

But today,
as the sun begins it final descent,
depriving the land of this wintry treat.
The last of his remains
unceremoniously returns to the earth.


One Response to “All that Remains”

  1. Thats what Im saying .. How a poet can take an everyday experience ( one most of us can relate to ) and make it exquisitly memorable is.. amazing Hats off

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