Monday Morning Train

Monday Morning Train

In the far off distance,
a smoky fog clings to
the narrow cluster of eucalyptus trees.
Only the tallest can puncture
the mist and stand out amongst
the bright opalescent sky.

The upper horizon is
veiled in multifaceted beams
that pour out of the morning light
and fly like eagles
toward the faraway hills.

Off to the left,
a flock of scavenging gulls,
long sinewy wings
flapping rhythmically
takes a short cut
through the golden laced sun.

Suddenly the scavengers disband,
and now, it is every bird for itself,
as they race toward
the highly anticipated treat

The train moves on
and the scenery shifts to
a typical urban setting,
miles of narrow sidewalks
spilling onto long windy roads
that wrap around
old fashioned neighborhoods
full of timeless buildings
almost one hundred years old

As my stop approaches,
I lean back in my seat,
reflective, inspired.
My fellow passengers
stare ahead blindly,
unaware of the endless delights
an ordinary day offers.


One Response to “Monday Morning Train”

  1. Yes in the eyes of a poet nothing is ordinary …the world is still a wonder! and I love that it is that dreaded Monday morning that this wonder is noticed

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