Maya Hero

Maya Angelou is my hero
I want to be her
When I grow up.
There is the slight problem
That I am not black
But I won’t let that stop me.

What I wouldn’t give
To have known about her
When I was fourteen
Known there existed women like her
Known I could be like her
Know in fact I was like her
Even back then
I wanted strong, for I could be no other
I wanted real, for I could see no other
What a relief it would have been
To see solid proof
That women can live strong without apology
How can I explain to my own mother
That I choose a different woman’s path

To emulate?
I think it would have been comforting
As a young white privileged girl –
Unable to follow the Yale-Hail-fellow-well-met –
To know that there were other women
Are other women
To whom I could have gone
Who would have said
“Yes, I choose you –
here, let me show you how it is done
Follow me, child.”


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