Sweet Nothings

As the day draws to a close
My son in dinosaur pajamas runs up to me and says,
“Mommy I have a secret to tell you”
As he climbs into my lap
He whispers “Beetle-bee-bee-bee”
And giggles. I giggle too.

Then he says,
“Mommy, ask me ‘What is your name’?”
And, knowing he turned himself into a cat, I scratch him
Behind the ears and ask him,
“What is your name?”
And he answers “Flower.”
Rocking back and forth,
He giggles. And purrs. I giggle and purr too.

Shyly, he asks “Do you know what I did today?”
And I whisper back “Tell me.”
“I caught a rolly polly and kept in my hand for a long time.
And then I played with Blake and then it rained and then I want a dog soon are we ready for a dog yet why do birds have beaks where is my spy rocket can you draw me an airplane I don’t like broccoli is it a school day I don’t want to take a bath if I eat an apple seed will it grow an apple tree in my tummy”
We rock back and forth.

Before long his eyes grow heavy
And he says
“Mommy I have another secret to tell you”
As I lean my ear close he tucks a stray hair behind it
So as to get the words right in
And whispers “I love you”
Which tickles both ear and heart.


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